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Riverside Kitchen is a Cooking School situated at the Riverside Farmers’ Market in Christchurch. We offer a range of cooking classes, as well as hosting private and corporate functions, food tours, and a range of other events.


Phone: +64 21 168 7209.

Riverside Kitchen is upstairs on the corner of Lichfield Street & Oxford Terrace, Christchurch.
The best entrance is from Lichfield Street.

Christchurch Cooking, Riverside Kitchen, Christchurch.


Riverside Kitchen is a charming Cooking School in Christchurch, nestled above the busy Riverside Market. We use Canterbury’s finest seasonal produce from the market to inspire our cooking classes. As well as being Christchurch’s Premier Cooking School, Riverside Kitchen also hosts private and corporate events, and a range of other events that are new to Christchurch.

Our cooking classes are hands-on, or you can sit back, relax and enjoy one of our demonstration culinary classes. We also host a range of events from food and market tours, product demonstrations, wine and food tastings, book launches, and more. We are bringing plenty of new events to the table, so keep an eye out.

Whether you want to learn about a specific cuisine, brush up on your basic cooking skills, or just want to enjoy an experience with friends, we have a class for you.

Christchurch Cooking School, Contact us, Riverside Kitchen, Christchurch.
Gourmet Vegetables, Riverside Kitchen, Riverside Farmers' Market
Gourmet Vegetables, Riverside Kitchen, Riverside Farmers' Market